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FEB 09, 2017 / Alright so some news have surfaced on the net about the "top-secret" project I've casted recentely, so I belive I can finally talk about it. Le Musk is a Virtual Reality film directed and produced by A.R. Rahman.


Rahman is best known for scoring Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire for which he earned two Academy Awards and two Grammy Awards. He has also scored more than 100 films including 127 Hours, The Hundred Foot Journey, and the recent Pelé: Birth of a Legend.

Rahman is also known for being a former member of the SuperHeavy band, together with Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and Damian Marley.


Le Musk marks the directional debut of Rahman, and features Nora Arnezeder in the leading role. Film is under post at this moment, and will be produced by Canadian company Ideal Entertainment, which will be also partnering with Rahman on three more upcoming films.


It has been a pleasure supporting casting in Italy for this project headed by Mukesh Chhabra casting agency, one of the premier casting companies in India.


Find out more about Le Musk by googling around!



SEP 15, 2016 / A little update after a while. I'm actually casting a new feature, can't really tell you much since I had to sign a NDA agreement to keep things top secret. I can only say it involves Academy Award-winning producers and filmmakers, and Virtual Reality. So yes, sounds like a pretty interesting thing.


Casting has begun, stay in the loop for more soon.



JAN 05, 2016 / Happy new year! This past 2015 has been a great one, and this 2016 seems bringing already some great surprises. I'll let you know more soon on what I'm working right now.


As I wrote in my last post, In Search of Fellini shooting is completed, I believe film is under post right now. At the wrap party I had the opportunity to preview a raw trailer, an impressive job has been made by director Taron Lexton, cinematographer Kevin Garrison  and by the whole cast and crew.


Talking about the actors I've cast in the film, I am totally amazed by the talent I've been able to work with. Enrico Oetiker and Paolo Bernardini are both fresh and incredibily talented actors I had the pleasure to select as the two main male roles that will support the female protagonist, led by Ksenia Solo. Together in this journey, Andrea Osvàrt, Lorenzo Balducci, Mariano Aprea, Davide Devenuto, Brutius Selby, Giuseppe Gandini, Francesco Foti, Ambra Stucchi, Mario Miyakawa. On the US side, Maria Bello, Mary Lynn Rajskub, David O'Donnell, Chelsea Mee.


Together with all these great actors, it has been a great honor to me to also cast film icon actors like Dan van Husen, Bruno Zanin and the charismatic and beautiful Barbara Bouchet.  Can't wait to see the finished movie.



NOV 19, 2015 / It's a wrap! Director Taron Lexton, producers Nancy Cartwright, Nathan Lorch and Milena Ferreira and their incredible Team (in Italy led by line producer Nicola Rosada) have completed shooting of In Search of Fellini.


I had the opportunity to cast and work with so much talented actors and people. I can't spoil anything right now, but I'll get back on this sooner or later.


But tonight, wrap party in Rome with all cast & crew. Let's finally chill.



OCT 05, 2015 / I've been hired as casting director on a new film called In Search of Fellini. After nearly ten years of casting for commercials I finally decided it was time for the jump and start working on features as well. Written by Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas, directed by Taron Lexton, the movie will be shot between Italy and US, with an international cast. While I'm taking care of the italian side, Lisa London, Catherine Stroud and Angela Bohem are working on the US actors.


At this stage I can't tell you much about the cast I'm composing, I can only say it seems like a great project, and looks like I can really get creative here. More news soon.



AUG 15, 2015 / Launched my new website. It's a very simple site, you'll find my film credits, a short bio, and this little corner where I will sometimes write. Not really a blog, but I'll try to keep it updated on my activities and stuff.


Thank you for reading, feel free to have a peek sometimes.


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