About / A little something about myself


Born in Italy, class of 1974, I lived all my childhood in Equatorial Africa where I studied in International schools learning Italian, French and English. In the late eighties I came back with my family to Europe, living between Belgium, France and finally Northeastern Italy.

I moved to Rome in 2003, when I started being involved in professional cinema working as Casting Agent first and Casting Assistant then for foreign productions shooting in Italy.

In 2006 I started my own company AMF Studios working as Casting Director mainly for commercials. My portfolio include clients like Dior, Hallmark, Barilla USA, Volvo, Chrysler, Nintendo, among many others. With all my gained experience directing actors, in 2015 I finally started working on feature films and TV shows as well.

My passion for genre films and producers like Roger Corman and Charles Band recently led me to start my own production company, Creepmaker Studios, characterized by a distinct passion for Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi and Fantasy entertainment. Beside my main activities as a Casting Director, I also produce and direct.

Since my debut in the film industry I have sometimes used the pseudonym “Mancuso” in honor of Kevin Mancuso, one of the many pseudonyms of Aristide Massaccesi (Joe d’Amato), one of my favorite directors.

Personal life


I live between Rome, Northeastern Italy and Southern France with my beautiful wife, my lovely daughter, and two cats.

My all time favorite actors list include Barbara Steele, Lee Van Cleef, Klaus Kinsky, Barbara Bouchet, Dick Miller, Tim Thomerson, Fred Williamson, John Saxon, Christopher Lloyd, Max von Sydow, Joe Pesci, John Goodman, Art LaFleur, Charles Bronson, Christopher Walken, among so many others.

My all time favorite directors list include Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci, William Friedkin, Joe d’Amato, Jim Jarmusch, John Carpenter, Peter Jackson, Fernando Di Leo, Enzo G. Castellari, Sergio Martino, Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna, Guy Ritchie, John Waters, Paul Verhoeven, Larry Cohen, Frank Henenlotter, Mark L. Lester, Jim Wynorski, among many others.

Besides working with film production, I also have a passion for design, which was my professional job before moving into casting. I sometimes still work as Creative Director for selected clients or projects.

In the past I have played in a band for almost seven years. I remember those years as the most intense days of my life. We have released three records and toured everywhere in Europe. Today I still play guitar in my spare time. My favorite bands list include Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat, Botch, Coalesce, Old Man Gloom, Neurosis and too many other great bands to list here.