Week 17, 2021 – Every once in a while, a shortlist of 5 things that caught my interest lately, with a few notes.

1. Best movie I’ve seen lately

Micro Men (2009). What a great movie. This docudrama has been on my to-watch list for a long time. Directed by Saul Metzstein (Guy X, Late Night Shopping) the film narrates the early days of the home computer revolution, focusing on the two main rivals in the UK computer industry, Sir Clive Sinclair (of Sinclair Research) and Chris Curry (of Acorn Computers). An epic 80s rivalry second only to the battle between Microsoft and Apple. Film is an absolute must for anyone of my generation who was into home computing back then. I was a huge Sir Clive Sinclair fan in my teenage years -and a proud owner of a highly addictive Sinclair Spectrum 48K computer– so I totally enjoyed this little gem which perfectly captures the period between 1978 to 1985. Starring Alexander Armstrong as Sinclair and Martin Freeman as Curry, not to mention a stunning Edward Baker-Duly as Hermann Hauser, Curry’s business partner.


2. Most interesting article

Peta’s 15 Vegan Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2021. I haven’t eaten animals for almost 30 years now, yes I’m that old if you guess. Happy to see so many people finally changing their food habits for a meat-free diet and the food industry discovering new plant-based meat alternatives.
A tasty list of new vegan trends to come sooner or later in the next future. Yum.


3. What I’ve been listening to

NOFX’s last album “The Single Album” has been playing the whole week in my playlist. I’ve been following NOFX since their first 1985 EP release, and I own almost everything they’ve ever done. If you are wondering, YES, I’m a NOFX fan. Caught them live here in Italy several times, the best show I remember was in the middle ’90s where they played in a small and obscure venue in Northern Italy together with Propagandhi. I still remember me and my friends interviewing Fat Mike for our shitty xerox fanzine after the show, he was joking around “we’ll never tour with Propagandhi ever again, they’re much better than us, we suck live“. He was damn right, NOFX show was great, but Propagandhi totally nailed it that night. I must confess I went at the show with some cash in my pocket to get some NOFX merch and came back home with Propagandhi’s “How To Clean Everything” LP and t-shirt instead. Sorry, Mike.
Regardless, NOFX’s last effort is a damn good and intense record, dark and personal at times, but still funny and catchy as you’d expect from a NOFX release. Favorite tracks: “My Bro Cancervive Cancer“, “Fuck Euphemism” and “Doors and Fours”.



4. App I’m using right now

Blloc Ratio. I’ve been interested in this German startup that announced a minimalistic smartphone in 2018, the Z18, specifically designed to eliminate distractions and increase productivity. Their phone runs on a beautiful monochrome revamp of Android’s user interface. While I’ve not been fast enough to get a Z18 before being sold out, Blloc has recently delivered Ratio, a phone launcher app designed for Android phones to optimize your home screen and turn it into a minimal and productive environment. Try it out for yourself. More infos on blloc.com


5. Director I’m keeping an eye on

Jai Salahi. His 2020 debut feature film, Northwood Pie, is a small American indie hidden gem I really enjoyed. Well shot, brilliant dialogues, good cast, and a great direction. Funny, warm, and nostalgic, reminds me of gone memories, when life was way simpler. Fans of Clerks and Slacker take note: Salahi is a young talented director. Now I want more.