Week 06, 2022 – Every once in a while, a shortlist of 5 things that caught my interest lately, with a few notes.

1. Best video I’ve seen lately

Lee Ralph, the skateboarder who vanished. What a great video directed by Madelaine Chapman for The Spinoff’s ‘Scratched’ web series. Hailing from New Zealand, Lee Ralph was a true skateboard legend back in the 80s, endorsed by Vision Skateboards. Vision was a great name back then and I remember as a kid having an ad poster in my bedroom portraying Lee impressively ollieing on a vert ramp. If things had turned out differently, maybe today we would have played at Lee Ralph’s Pro Skater. Still, Lee Ralph’s story and life are truly inspiring, a name carved forever in skateboarding history. Don’t miss this video.


2. What I’m reading

Disconnection – L’hardcore Italiano negli anni ’90 (Italian hardcore in the ’90s) a book written by Giangiacomo De Stefano and Andrea Ferraris. Anyone who was connected to hardcore music and lifestyle in the ’90s would most likely find this book interesting. It’s well written and contains memories of more than 120 individuals for a total of 416 pages. I’m totally stoked (and proud!) that one release from my old band Todiefor is also mentioned as one of the 100 recommended Italian hardcore records of that era. Btw I recently found some old master recordings so should make something out of these one day or another.


3. What I’ve been listening to

Orange County, California melodic hardcore veterans Ignite are back with their much anticipated self-titled new album. Their latest 2016 studio effort, A War Against You, marks the final album with long-time vocalist Zoli Téglás, now replaced by Eli Santana. As a Zoli fan since 1994 when he entered the band it was hard to imagine Ignite with a different singer, but I need to admit Santana is a great replacement and the preview songs are just killer. Album out on March via Century Media. Track I’m playing on repeat: Anti-Complicity Anthem.



4. App I’m enjoying right now

Chess – Clash Of Kings by Chess and Checkers Games. I’ve never been a great chess player I must admit, but my father taught me how to play when I was 6 or 7, I used to play every day back then before losing the habit as an adult. Downloaded this game app recently, a game or two each night to relax a little and improve. I’m using the free version, it has some advertising at the beginning and at the end of each game, but nothing too invasive. Levels 1 to 6 are ridiculously easy, fun starts from level 7.


5. Filmmaker I’m keeping an eye on

Jiajie Yu, young Spanish (of Chinese descent) director. I absolutely love his style, a lot of attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance. With meticulous attention to framing, lighting, and sound design, his works are dark and claustrophobic, exploring themes like isolation and time suspension. His 17 minutes short Xiao Xian has been nominated at the 2020 Goya Awards, while personally I really enjoyed his last Howls short. Currently, Jiajie is developing his first feature film, so YES, looking forward to what’s next from this talented filmmaker.